Re: [Epic] old metal order codes

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 16:53:44 +0100 (MEZ)

thx to all who replied. Here are some answers:

The Vindicator Mark 2 is 076041/10, not sure about the Mk. 1, but the
other two are only available as part of plastic sprues. New Command Land
Raiders (metal) are 2 pounds 50 each.
I know this, and I have MK2 models myself.

all I could find was a vindicator (#072714/9) in WD136 and a vindicator
MkII (#8707) in WD164. I couldn't find any more but how many rhino's and
Land Raiders do you want, I have plenty of plastics.
I will check what the first number is. Unfortunately the model consists of
several parts and each part should have an individual order code. Still,
this answer is exactly what I hoped to get.

From: "Snyder, Roy B" <roy.snyder_at_...>
Yes, a local store still has some old metal Land Raiders if your
Please take a close look at the blister and see if there is ANY number
(order code) on it. That would help me most. Tell me what they cost there
as well, I want some. However, with postage mail order might be cheaper.

Um, why can't they be younger than 140? The models you're looking for
were released with/for Adeptus Titanicus, which goes back into the 11x
If they are in an 11x issue, they are OLDER than WD 140, right?

GW does prefer that you only buy their newest & greatest, so to speak.
That is why I want to be able to give them order codes. They can cast
EVERY metal they once made if you can only give them the code. (anyone
remember mounted WFB dwarfs? No, I do not need order codes for them.)

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