RE: [Epic] Rough Riders

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 19:22:34 +0100 (MEZ)

> You seem to have a problem with this,

The GW design team seems to have.

> Marines can get 30 bikes with 10
> vindicators, and they are a lot deadlier than this, but they only pay
> for one HQ, orks can have tons of buggies and bikes too, as can Eldar.
> By adding the 25 point HQ units in the IG, it is effectively limiting
> the detachment size to 3 units, the only thing that makes a diff. is
> morale and break point.

Orks do not count in this respect because nothing there has the Close
Support ability.

Eldar get less units than IG.
Read the last Q&A, IG gets 3 command, nine main force and nine support
Rough Riders if they want to (Those 21 Rough Riders would be well without
the 50 penalty points, combining them with lots of Hellhounds is the

Marine Vindicators are more expensive then Hellhounds and even slow the
bikes down. The better armour is not so usefull in such a det. Hellhounds
are as fast as Rough Riders and get into support range if the Cavallery
trippels the move.
Do not say the advantage of Hellhounds when charging (the Hellhounds will
not touch an opponent then) is encountered by the fact that thay get
charged before the Rough Riders, it is simply not true! Against everyone
exept Chaos and other IG (who have barrages) it is physically impossible
to attack the Hellhounds because they are deployed track by track
(touching each other!) screened by the Rough Riders, giving the attacked
det an incredible total assault value.
This IG det even gets more Psykers than Marines.
I encountered this during testing.


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