Re: [Epic] Yet Another "Silly Question" for the Primarchs

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 17:01:50 +0100 (MEZ)

> Please find a RULE that states that. The rules never states that an
> army can only take one SC. It does state that there is a limit for
> 'Nids. The list has gone over this before, I still want it submitted as
> a question. The fact that rather small detachemts cost a lot more than
> they would if taken as "normal" tends to mean that this is a "flavor
> freak only" problem.
Not really. Marine Armies have no use of stubborm from the Commander,
other Armies do.

This is based on nothing but the letters of the rules:

Imperial: (armies book page 39)

- Supreme Commander
   -Commanders (a part called "Commanders" is nowhere on any detachment
sheet. Assume this means "Command") quote:"You may include up to one
Supreme Commander"
This sentence refers to the "Commanders" section of the "Supreme
Commander" det, it does not say "You may include up to one
Supreme Commander Detachement" (which is stated nowhere).
The sentence means that you may only choose a single of the 4 available
Commanders in the det you are currently choosing rather than one each in
the same det.
"Up to one Chapter Master" (or Colonel or...)
This does only mean you are not allowed to choose 2 of the same in one
det. (It is the same phrase as in standerd dets:"Up to one Space Marine

-Space Marine Bodyguard
quote:"You may choose up to one Space Marine bodyguard ... for a ...
Inquisitor Lord."
-Imperial Guard Bodyguards
quote:"You may choose up to two Imperial Guard bodyguard squads for an ...
Inquisitor Lord."
Nowhere is stated "either...or...", so it is obviously allowed to have
both bodyguards for an Inquisitor at the same time.

Ork (page 55):

-Ork Warlord
   -Commanders "You may choose a total of up to one Commander" (who can
only be a Warlord). Again, this only referes to the "Commanders" section
of the "Ork Warlord" det, else it would have to be written between "Ork
Warlord" and "Commanders".

Eldar (page 73):

-Eldar Commander
   -Commanders "You may choose a total of two commanders" This referes
only to the Commanders section. You may obviously have an Avatar and a
Farseer in the same det.
   -Bodyguard "You may choose up to four bodyguards for a Commander." For
each Commander? (2 Commanders in the same det, 8 bodyguard slots to fill.)

Chaos (page 93):
-Supreme Commander
  -Commanders "You may choose a total of up to one Commander." As above it
does not stand between "Supreme Commander" and "Commanders" but below

Tyranids: no Problem here. One Dom per 2000 points.

Normal rules: You may choose any number of dets of the same type unless
otherwise noted (Chaos Tank dets are limited).
There is NOTHING to disallow several Commanders in an Army. I am
absolutely sure this is not intended, so read the above warning again.

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