Re: [Epic] SM Chaos - wasUncheesy detachments

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 15:17:17 +1100 (EST)

> I thought the arrow inside the square was still used as a
> direction if you rolled a "hit". Either that, or we were playing the
> scatter rules all wrong. It would have resulted in a lot more of my
> Titans dying and a lot more Doomweavers, I'll tell you that. :) Time
> to dig up the SM/TL books. :(
        Arrow inside the square ? Werent the scatter dice set up with 2 'Hits'
and 4 arrows. You roll a hit and it stays still else it goes 2d6 cm in the
direction of the arrow. Or were you rolling 2 scatter dice (only the warp
hunter had to do that I think......).
> Well, assuming I was willing to push something larger than an
> infantryman with my WSes, it's still unlikely. Void shields, to the
> best of my knowledge, stop a Wave Serpent cold. The odds aren't that
> great for a Titan to not regenerate a single shield, and the only way
> to drop them before the WS goes is with snap-fire. My Firestorms went
> fairly quickly (They attracted indirect fire almost as much as my
> titans), and then the T-hawk would come and eat an objective. I hated
> them too, never found a good counter to them.
        Hmmm I remembr the shield vs shield debate. I was actually on the
side of WSs being stopped - strangely the 2 players (Chaos and Marine) who
used titans most did the rules lawyer thing and decided that void shields
didnt have this effect on other shields. DOnt ask me why - but if they wanted
it like that I was willing to use it to make up for a lot of house rules that
I really hated...... Firestorms. They were the things that had to launch all
3 shots at one time. THawk 1 flies on . YOu can guess its going to be empty.
But do you shoot it at let the full Hawk roll in or do you leave it go
so the full one stays away till the next turn and the empty one shoots your
firestorm this turn. The sad equation is 3xThawks=150pts=1Firestorm. :|.
And yes lots of direct fire stuff went at firestorms too (nturally).
> Mark
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