Re: [Epic] Support Weapons Convesions..

From: Richard Bright <r.bright_at_...>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 08:11:32 +1200 ()

On Tue, 17 Feb 1998 16:20:07 +1030 Alun Gallie
<S0220770_at_...> wrote:
> Apparently the imperial support weapons are due for re-release shortly
> (don't hold your breath).

When I asked about SWs at my GW store two days ago I was
told that they were not being released because SWs are no
longer part of the 40000 universe!

This is the same crowd who dreamt up the "Squats are a
dying race" line.

I am beginning to think that they hold weekly staff
meetings just to come up with daft utterances to annoy me.
I find it hard to believe such consistent stupidity can be
generated off-the-cuff :-)

If anyone from GW is lurking, here's some free advice:
train your staff in Auckland, New Zealand!

Lest you think I just a grumpy old sod (I'm much more than
*just* a grumpy old sod), I'll admit that they're a
friendly and enthusiastic bunch. Unfortunately they are
also a bit clueless, and unless you're Alicia Silverstone
'cluelessness' is not good. Hmmmm... Alicia Silverstone.

Richard "Grumpy Old Sod" Bright
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