Re: [Epic] unit coherency rule

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 17:48:28 +0100 (MEZ)

> Looking in the rule book on page 41, WE detachments are discussed
> briefly. But the rule book does state "...super heavy tanks, scout
> titans, and other smaller WE can be fielded in larger (than one unit)
> detachments." If the detachment has more than one unit then the units
> must be 30cm from the HQ. Concentrating on Warhound detachments (which
> can only field two Warhounds), they may be up to 30cm from each other.
> For Imperial Super heavies (which can have four WE), one of the WE must
> be selected as the HQ per Armies book page 38. Glancing over the other
> races if the WE detachment can be made of three or more WE then one of
> the WEs must be selected as the HQ. The WE HQ costs no points.
In case of warhounds and other scout titan dets you do NOT select an HQ as
there is no chain of command.
If 2 warhounds seperate (are 31+cm away from each other) I would expect
the HQ to carry on unmolested and the other to stop acting.
However: There IS NO HQ at the beginning of the game!!!
So which titan should carry on and which one stops? Decide randomly?
Surely not. Pick one during the game? No, would be more powerful than
infantry/vehicle rules.

My group always plays that both can act normally but can not voluntarily
seperate. If it happens accidentally they just have to move closer
together in the next movement/assault phase. If one is immobile the other
can go away and continue to fight normally.


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