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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 10:54:05 +1100 (EST)

> This one is winnable, but it's still tough, especially
> if you don't want to take the mostly chaos marine shooty army.
> When I've faced eldar I'm generally up against a
> sit-back-and-shoot type force, which is hard as hell for chaos
> to handle; the only place your CC guys can hide is in forests,
> the pop-ups will see everything else. And if you do reach the
> back line, you can't pin anything and it all just relocates.
        Arrrgh here we have a problem. If the eldar are sitting on first fire,
being a skimmer doesnt help , they CANT run from CC. Even if theyre on advance
orders if they move first it isnt always going to help. You are right with
a very important point though. How pop ups were played in respect to when
they popped up AND how cover worked drastically changed power balance.
Actually house rules made a damn huge difference wrt relative army power.
        Sit back and shoot force - well yes they could hurt but a force
designed to do that typically found itself getting scammed by a short term
loss of objectives - in a similar manner to the method in which you suggested
should be used by jet bikes earlier :).A bunch of trolls is a lot harder to
quickly move off a forrest-bound objective than anything eldar possesses.
 As for repeatedly losing to some
tricks - some things you cant deal with , and some you cant deal with without
making considerable sacrifices. All termie/LR/flyer marine armies in E40k are
probably a good example of something nasty thats hard to deal with even if
you predict it. Im sure you can think of others :)
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