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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 10:41:46 +1100 (EST)

> ------> I probably played Chaos the least, Impies & Orks the most. Eldar
> were somehwere in between. GD's were a hard to kill with Impies as they
> lacked decent psychic attacks, but even with extremely dense terrain,
> with all the Eldar pop-ups, excellent CC troops,and psychic weapons ,
> the Eldar were _made_ to kill Chaos. If you can't do it with them, when
> did Chaos lose?
        Not often - bugs were the best mutie trashers from what we saw.
 We've already determined
your group and our group played pop ups in a different manner - one which made
them considerabbly worse from my point of view (and didnt any chaos player
EVER drop a thawk load of marines in behind your horde of vehicles waiting to
do a pop up? - maybe you played with larger hunks of cover so you could spread
out the skimmers more (or whoever your eldar player was. Maybe your chaos player
/s were kinda average at chaos while ours was great with em (he was pretty
average with other armies though.....) that would be hard to tell though cos
we aint got no way to compare their respective abilities.maybe most of us
        From our perspective what use were pop ups when the units they faced
would point-wise suffer more than the units they were attacking (remembring
we played pop ups happened at the start of FF. Tarantulas are cheaper than
falcons / LRs are tougher and have a bit better fire power (albeit for 16points
more). CC troops - Chaos termies are unit for unit a match for Banshees and
not far behind harleys. The same pretty much applies for trolls/minos (ok
250 points for a slow unit with no guns - the eldar CCs you complain about
have pretty much no gun and from memory only the harleys move faster. Only
the SS's ability makes them stand out - the banshee's ability disappeared
against even a 6+ save - which conveniently, most high CAF units had.......).
Psychic weapons - Deathstalkers were decent , warp hunters a joke , psy lances
 - well they prevented a titan from taking a better weapon. If I only took
one or 2 titans with them they disappeared fast (not great for stopping CC and
without the ranged titan-punching power of other weapons - bad for when
shooting wars started.). As for hiding demons - from my experience I cant see
how you found it to be a problem. As long as they dont operate alone its also
hard to gang up on them effectively - and heck the number of times I hit one
with a bunch of expensive troops only to get Giant Growthed (is that is name
....?)........How many GDs DID you see. In 4000 pt battles it was never more than 3 here......
As I said before - the worst thing was numbers. If
enough Eldar CC units got in one place to have a numerical advantage against
a chaos force you WOULD see the plague wind or burning bodies. Heck most
of those fights the eldar wouldnt expect to win if they moved first and
consequently got ganged up on anyway. It doesnt matter how good your
troops are when they have to fight dispersed (or die) vs a concentrated force.
Chaos cards - used when and where required also tipped many,many CCs. Remember
trolls/minos come in 10s - a lot of chaos cards affect units - big units use
them better.
        Call me blind (hey whewre ARE my glasses) but for every weakness you
seem to see in Chaos wrt Eldar I can see a strength. OK chaos had tons of really
 cruddy units. Most demons , a fair hunk of the GDs and quite a few other troops
 - but heck I never had the crap fielded against me. Well not more than 1-200
points worth in a BIG game. We also get to the point where , as other groups ,
people start looking at you funny if you take more than 2-4 of the same unit.
Well heck there goes my huge number of scorpions/deathstalkers. Its pretty
easy to take out problem units where theres only 1-2 of them. COnversely taking
2 units of trolls 2 of minis (not a commons example) or 2 legions you have 1000
points of the appropriate type - whereas I CANT field more than 450 points
of say scorpions (600 If I stretch it - and I never did). Hey maybe I suffered
from artificially limiting myself (or by playing rules that restricted me more
than the opposition) but how much fun do you have playing against armies that
rape their lists?.......
        I dont believe we're still discussing this :)
> Chris Miller
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