Re: [Epic] New Player.. Not New lister

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 10:04:01 +0100 (MEZ)

> Hi.. I have been subscribed to the list for sometime now, and after finding
> out that it was Epic, and not 40k, I filtered all messages into the trash
> and ignored them..
What a shame!

> Well, Sure as hell, I have decided to play epic...
Hello!!!! You just deceided to start a hoppy which costs less than
football equipment.

> I bought a little box of space marines for like 8.50.. its the "Space
> Marine Battle Group" or something that has 3 tac squads, 1 ass squad, 1 dev
> squad, 4 bikes(2 groups of 2?), 1 scout squad and 6 characters.
Not much in it. Buy the game itself. Perhaps several times. Trade Orks for
more marines.

> I have decided to play Imperial Forces obviously and am asking as to what
> my next investment should be aside from the boxed set.
> I am definetely not playing strict Space marines.... I plan to have more
> than enough Imperial Guard in the army.. but since i do not as yet, know
> how the game works... i dont know how much a significant amount is.
YOu need several marine infantry sprues (maybe 10), lots of tank sprues
amd metal vehicles for the marines (say total $200-250, maybe more).
IG needs several infantry boxes, lots of Basilisks and Hellhounds, some
Bombards, Deathstrikes and Baneblades/Shadowswords.
Ah, do not forget planes...

> I remember flipping thourgh my friends epic books for about 5 minutes, and
> it seems that prices are near 1/10th that of 40k.. well close.. I was
> wondering where they get some of the prices.. I mean the Ig Squad was 14
> points if I remember correctly(17?), the exact price was irrelevant... and
> I noticed that the heavy weapons squad is the same.. If you compare to
> prices in 40k, this is usually not the case.
> 60 points +weapons for Heavy weapon squad.
> 100 points +Heavy Weapon+ special weapon for regular.
> Now... the typical Heavy weapons team consists of either 3 Heavy bolters(10
> points each) or 3 lascannons(30 points each). The first is 90 points,
> significantly under the BASE regular squad cost, and the second is 150
> which is significantnly higher than a typical IG squad of (Heavy
> bolter/flamer=116 points)... or (Lascannon/flamer=136 points)... maybe its
> some sort of average... or does someone else have a good explanation?
> Because the Titans are not 1/10th the cost by far...
W40k Titan rules were created by GW staff, published by armorcast (first),
now only available in Inquisitor #15 and several places around the web.

You make one mistake here: points costs reflect the usefullness in the
battle fought. Short range specialists like Terminators (who are created
to fight in cities or space hulks) are less usefull on an open battlefield
and therefore cost less.

> What is the typical game size for epic?
1500 gives you a practical minimum. 2000-3000 is good.

> Would a Epic 40k, travel type game be interesting.. use 40k rules, but epic
> minis?
Base them one on a small base (maybe a coin).. May work. Never tried it.
One Problem: Weapons/Equipoment are not represented correctly.

> How many points is that little box I got... I know its not much..
> 300? Are terminators really only 19 points?(small pic in WD 216 says 19 for
> termies, 30 for tactical)

> Are there any special rules for Dark Angles or Blood Angels in Epic? Or is
> a space marine, a space marine?
WD 210 or 211 I think...

> How many Space Marine players paint the insignia on EVERY shoulder? That
> seems very tedious if not downright difficult without some sort of pen.. I
> mean the GW paint jobs on epic mini's are not so insanely difficult, but I
> saw the "U" on every Ultra Marine Terminator and almost vomited.
> And if I deside to play DA in epic, hell if i want to paint the Eagle+Sword
> on every shoulder.
I only paint one pad per mini in the clolour of the company.

> Do Other people convert termie seargeants to a powersword? Some termies to
> chainfists? I'd like to convert one(This may sound odd, it doesnt add much)
> terminator to having a assault cannon. Hey call me weird or insane... I
> like that.
If you get paid for it feel free to do so.

> "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power..... is kinda cool!" :)
But you stop to be a human being then.


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