[Epic] [Epic 40k] Ideal 2000 point Armies

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 12:11:14 +1300 (BST)

Below is my version of an ideal 2000 point tryanid army,
that I promised to post to the list.

Tyranid Army List:

Mycetic Swarm - 1 Hive Tyrants 50
              - 3 Temagant broods (15) 105
              - 7 Genestealer broads (14) 140 295
Tryanid Hive mind Synapse-Nexus - Dominatrix 490

1st Tyranid Swarm - 1 Hive Tyrant 50
                  - 3 Dactylis broods (9) 288
                  - 3 Temagent broods (12) 84 422
2nd Tyranid Swarm - 1 Hive Tyrant 50
                  - 1 Zoanthrope brood (1) 15
                  - 3 Assault Spawn broods (7) 196
                  - 6 Genestealer broods (12) 120 381
3rd Tyranid Swarm - 2 Hive Tyrant 100
                  - 1 Zoanthrope brood (2) 30
                  - 1 Assault Spawn brood (2) 48
                  - 3 Hormagaunt broods (1) 105
                  - 3 Lictor broods (6) 119 402
Tactics for the army as whole:

This army is designed to get into close combat asap. The idea
being that the quicker it gets into close combat the less
opportunity the enemy has to reduce its strength with direct and
indirect fire power.

This army wants has much terrain on the battlefield as
possible, particularly woods. The 1st Swarm should
match into woods within range of the enemy and then
use its disrupt weapons to reduce enemy fire at
the other swarms.

The other swarms should always be on march orders until
they get within charge reach of enemy detachments. They
should avoid being in range and LOS of enemy direct
fire weapons as much as possible. Ideally the swams should
march from wood to wood.

Its vital that the hive tryants always attempt to be
out of range or LOS of enemy anti-tank weapons and
deathrays. Hive tryants therefore should always try
end their movement in a wood or building.
I haven't included airpower because I don't think the
cost justifies the benefits, particularly because
tyranid airpower is so easily countered by other
The functions of specific detachments in the army:

The mycetic swarm is multi-functional. First, it creats
uncertainty in the enemy mind. Second, it can be used take
out the enemies long range direct and direct fire units,
if the enemy leaves them unprotected. If the enemy protects
his long range direct and direct fire units, this reduces
the resources he has to do other things. Third the spores
enable swarm to get close enemy detachments without being
fired at. Ideally they should be dropped in wood. I am
not happy with design of this swarm, I will post a redesign
version at a later date.

The Dominatrix role is primarily to provide the additional
reroll and to support assaults. A secondary role is to
deal with titans with its death rays and energy pulse. The
idea would be that the temagants and assault spawn would knock
down the shields of enemy titans and then the Dominatrix
would fire.

The function of the 1st swarm is to disrupt enemy
detachments, thereby making it easier to assault them.
The temagants were include to act as a snapfire screen.
If the enemy does not have aircraft then the temagants
can be used to fire directly at the enemy. I decided
not include exocrines because would be easily countered
by IG and Chaos artillery and dactylis are much better
at disrupting enemy detachments and dealing with enemy short
range artillery, such as whirlwinds.

It is particularly important that assault spawn in the 2nd swarm
are more than 6cm apart, when they are transporting
units, because if a vehicle touched by a barrage template it
is considered to be under it.

Armies Strengths:
- Highly manvourable.
- Excellent in close assault.

Armies Weakness:

- Very vulnerable to enemy long range direct and indirect fire,
  if in the open.
- It will have a difficulty to dealing with enemy titans.
- If the hive tryants are taken out the army is in deep shit.

Sean Smith
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