RE: [Epic] New Player.. Not New lister

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 12:29:16 +1300 (BST)

On Thu 05 Mar, Miller, Chris wrote:
> > I advise you to forget about Leman Russ and
> > Chrimeas. IG Support weapons attached to your infantry detachments are
> >
> > better than Leman Russ, while using Chimeras as troop transports is
> > not
> > worth the expense.
> >
> >
> -----------> Gack! An IG army with no Russ's or Chimeras?

I find that my army works just fine without them
> every unit needs them, but they are a pretty integral part of the
> Imperial Guard schtick. I'm pretty sure most players will find it handy
> to have at least one mobile unit, even if it's all tanks.Without this.
> you have a very slow force.

I find that the lose of speed is more than compensated for by
the range of support weapons and by the additional troops I can purchase.

If you want to go with a foot assault army,
> try orks.
> Also, the other hallmark of the Guard is artillery, so try to work in
> a few blisters of those as well. If you minimize the tanks, you're going
> to need something to keep the enemy busy while you hoof it into range.
> Basilisks are the primary tool.

Thats exactley what I use my artillery. I also use the ordinatus with
the sonic disrupter as well.

Sean Smith
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