Re: [Epic] what should i run as a 3000 point army against eldar?

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 17:29:52 +1300 (BST)

On Tue 10 Mar, Thane Morgan wrote:

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> While a decent strategy, you will likely have a very boring game if you
> play the artillery too much.

1) He asked for what would be effective, not whether it was boring or
2) I have played all my games with lots of artillery and none have been
   boring. In several games both me and opposition throught I had
   already lost the game until the last turn, when artillery has helped
   me win the game by a narrow margin.
3) Artillery is a vital component of IG and armies, just much as infantry,
   hellhounds and support weapons. To have a minimal artillery is like
   cutting the thumb off your hand, the hand will work, but not as
   effectively as if you had the thumb. By not including artillery you
   are reducing tactical options and capabilities.

 If you put a 1/3 to 1/2 of you points in
> static units, you lose the joy of maneuver and some of the bragging
> rights of victory (great, you beat me. A chimp could have kept his army
> on overwatch...)

I will igorne the implied criticism of my level of intelligence and instead
address the issue. I have found that artillery allows IG and marines
armies to do more movement, not less. This because your opposition is
restricted in how he can move his detachments. First, because he wants
detachments to end their move in cover if possible, to reduce the affects
of artillery on his detachments. Two, because he has to spread his units out
to reduce the affects of artillery. Third, the blast markers mean your enemy
has to constantly deal with the possibility that some of his detachments
won't be able to move, this not only restricts the movement of the detachments
affected by the blastmarkers but also other detachments which he was planning
use in coordination with them. The three factors above mean that your
own detachments can move across more of the battlefield, because enemy
detachments have a reduced ability to move into positions which would prevent
your detachments movements.

Also, if your opponent takes any nightspinners he can
> shut down a lot of points really quickly, plus cost you a lot of morale.

The simple solution is to take out the night spinners before they
get in range of your artillery. Nightspinners have a range of 60cm,
heavy artillery a range of 90cm and siege artillery a range of 145cm.
In none of the games in which I have played have night spinners
got in range of my artillery. This because my enemy was trying to
avoid coming within range of my artillery (which they haven't always
succeed in doing), instead my opposition has fire at my frontline troops.

> Not that there's anything wrong with artillery, and against another
> pure artillery force it's probably the best thing (except being in their
> face with pods), it just removes a lot of thought from a game which has
> already lost much of its tactics. I've played the heavy artillery army,
> and its gets boring really fast.
> Take maybe 6 to 8 artillery for special purposes, and get in your
> opponents face with the rest.

I believe I have already answered this criticism adove

> Thane

Sean Smith
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