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From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 00:18:15 +1300 (BST)

On Tue 10 Mar, Stephen Sheldon wrote:
> If you have a set of dets that work well together, then send them in with
> some tactical info.

I have already posted two 'ideal' 2000 pt army list to the list, a
tryanid and a Ork army. Along with comments on the role of each
detachment in the army, the tactics of army as whole and the armies
strengths and weaknesses.

As I said, this is an attempt to combine our
> knowledge and experience, and to try something new. If you don't think
> it is worthwhile, then don't submit. It was unneccessary to send a 2
> page complaint about the redundancy of it all. If nothing else it has
> given me and other list users some insight into the tactics and thought
> processes that go into detachment creation and useage.

See my previous comment.

 As for the one
> detachment on its own is useless comment, certain detachments can hold
> their own without support. a squad of terminators mounted in Land
> raiders with Dread support has all the bases covered, and if used
> correctly can hold off the enemy for a very long time even if the rest
> of the army is off table in reserves.

Just to play devils advocate, a detachment of landraiders and dreadnoughts
has no defence against aircraft or artillery. Also many times
you don't get a choice about the terrain on your side of the battlefield.
So if a wood, building or hill where near enough to your landraider
detachment enemy jump troops could charge it without even
being fired upon in the movement phase. Or deathrays could
take out the dreadnoughts, then disrupt weapons could minimise the
anti-tank shots of the landraiders, infantry would then move into
charge range, your landraiders would be very ineffective during
the fire phase because of the blast markers and then your detachment
would be butchered in the assault phase. That is just four of the ways
in which landraider and dreadnought detachment could be taken out.

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