Re: [Epic] 2000pt 'ideal' IG Army

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 08:30:20 +1300 (BST)

On Fri 13 Mar, Aaron wrote:
> Sean Smith wrote:

> > I have disagree with you Aaron. The commissars have a save roll so they
> > increase the survivability of the detachment as whole by being in the
> > front rank. The only advantage heavy weapon units over normal IG is
> > that they have 45cm instead of 30cm range. The disadvantage of
> > heavy weapon units is that they have less survivability and the
> > detachment has a lower break point because you have 1 unit instead
> > of two. As for the mobility of the detachment, the support weapons
> > range of45cm compensates for it to some degree, also I find you
> > usually canmarch the detachment on turn one, other than that I find
> > the additional assault value and anti-tank shoots are worth the
> > trade off of less mobility.
> >
> It must be a style thing. I always seperate my 45cm range detachments
> from my 30cm range detachments and keep the long range guys behind them.

> As I normally fight Orks, I'm more concerned with BEING assaulted than
> assaulting. 5 Battlewagons could assault this detachment and you would
> be hit 2 to 1. That why I add a couple of cheap units with it to spread
> out the attacker.

Maybe I didn't make myself clear, the hellhound detachment is suppost to
support of detachments, as the diagram below demonstrates.

  O O O O
  C C H C
 H H H

 O = ork
 IG = normal IG
 C = Commssar
 SW = Support Weapon
 H = Hellhound
 Adove are two detachments, a IG infantry detachments and a hellhound
Sean Smith
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