Re: [Epic] Ork 2000 pts

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Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 13:22:29 -0500

>Mega Gargant Supreme Commander
>"Deth from Up Dere"
>3 Flyboyz
>"Walking Forts"
>5 Battlefortresses
>"Bad Moon Grand Battery"
>Warboss ON Battlewagon
>7 Boyz
>12 Big Gunz
>1 Pulsa
>1 Warboss ON Battlewagon
>1 Psyker
>2 Boarboyz
>4 Nobz
>5 Boyz
>"Cult of Speed"
>Warboss IN Battlewagon
>Psyker IN Battlewagon
>8 Battlewagons
>2 Speedsters with Death Rays
You are right about the strengths and weaknesses of this band. My 200 point
Jesters army, would be at a slight disadvantage against becaue of a few

1.No flak units

2.No Titan class units

I would have to use my Raven wings to get arounf the titan quickly and pop
fire at the artilerry. My Termies would have to be the anti Titan corps,
while the 3rd company group would come in on one side or another to spread
out the fighting front.

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