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From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 09:13:06 +1300 (BST)

On Sat 21 Mar, Alan E & Carmel J Brain wrote:
> Here's one I've had some success with.
> "Umungous"
> Mega Gargant Supreme Commander
> "Deth from Up Dere"
> 3 Flyboyz
> "Walking Forts"
> 5 Battlefortresses
> "Bad Moon Grand Battery"
> Warboss ON Battlewagon
> 7 Boyz
> 12 Big Gunz
> 1 Pulsa
> "Snakebites"
> 1 Warboss ON Battlewagon
> 1 Psyker
> 2 Boarboyz
> 4 Nobz
> 5 Boyz
> "Cult of Speed"
> Warboss IN Battlewagon
> Psyker IN Battlewagon
> 8 Battlewagons
> 2 Speedsters with Death Rays
> Tactics:
> The Grand Battery is tranported into combat via the Battlefortresses.
> Their mission is to support the MegaGargant.
> The Snakebites are transported by the CoS.
> Their mission varies: usually either support the Grand Battery, or to
> take and hold some terrain, or to add to the CofS's assault.
> The Battlefortresses can either keep with the Grand Battery, or drop
> them off and go round the flanks.
> The CoS is a flanker, but against enemy War Engines, can also act as
> fire support. It's also good at adding BMs, as 2 Deth Rays will usually
> cause 1 hit, hence a BM from SHWs.
> The Megagargant is the main striking force.
> Strengths:
> When used in a co-ordianted way, with the Grand Battery making good use
> of cover near the MegaG, very often a good anti-Gragant force will take
> casualties and BMs before firing from Prep Bombardment, or (better) when
> the Grand Battery is on Overwatch, just lots of casualties. This means
> that unless the MegaG gets done in 1 turn, usually there isn't enough to
> do it in 2.
> 5 Battleforts don't look as crunchy as the MegaG, but that 40 FP is
> nasty, and they rarely lose firefights. They're very good for forcing
> enemy out of prepared positions.
> Weaknesses:
> Vs a large infantry force is rough terrain, "Chloroform and Forceps"
> treatment is neccessary. Go slow, and defeat in detail via concentrated
> firepower. Try to hit along a broad front, and you'll get Close
> assaulted and killed.
> 3 Thunderhawks can ruin your whole day.
> Artillery concentrated in Counter-battery fire vs the Grand Battery will
> strip the Gargant of its vital supports, leaving your AT shots to take
> out the MegaG with impunity.

A good attempt, but in my opinion the army has to many weakness,
which are:

- Weak vs artillery,
- Weak vs aircraft,
- Weak vs close combat forces
- Weak vs long range direct fire weapons (i.e deathrays).

I think that the critical flaw in the design of the army is that you
haven't played to Orks strengths. The strengths of ork armies armies

- Good close combat troops,
- high survivability of troops (i.e nobz save ability),
- cheap screening troops (i.e gretchin),
- cheap close combat and fire fight support troops (i.e getchin, pulsa
  rockets and big gunz),
- good air support, which has the same affect as IG heavy
  artillery, but costs 30 instead of 41 points. Ork fighters are
  however vulnerable to snapfire and AA.
- good titans, if supported well by infantry and aircraft
  suppressing AT weapons.

Sean Smith
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