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From: Alan E & Carmel J Brain <aebrain_at_...>
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 15:27:43 +1000

Here's one I've had some success with.

Mega Gargant Supreme Commander

"Deth from Up Dere"
3 Flyboyz

"Walking Forts"
5 Battlefortresses

"Bad Moon Grand Battery"
Warboss ON Battlewagon
7 Boyz
12 Big Gunz
1 Pulsa

1 Warboss ON Battlewagon
1 Psyker
2 Boarboyz
4 Nobz
5 Boyz

"Cult of Speed"
Warboss IN Battlewagon
Psyker IN Battlewagon
8 Battlewagons
2 Speedsters with Death Rays

The Grand Battery is tranported into combat via the Battlefortresses.
Their mission is to support the MegaGargant.

The Snakebites are transported by the CoS.
Their mission varies: usually either support the Grand Battery, or to
take and hold some terrain, or to add to the CofS's assault.

The Battlefortresses can either keep with the Grand Battery, or drop
them off and go round the flanks.

The CoS is a flanker, but against enemy War Engines, can also act as
fire support. It's also good at adding BMs, as 2 Deth Rays will usually
cause 1 hit, hence a BM from SHWs.

The Megagargant is the main striking force.

When used in a co-ordianted way, with the Grand Battery making good use
of cover near the MegaG, very often a good anti-Gragant force will take
casualties and BMs before firing from Prep Bombardment, or (better) when
the Grand Battery is on Overwatch, just lots of casualties. This means
that unless the MegaG gets done in 1 turn, usually there isn't enough to
do it in 2.
5 Battleforts don't look as crunchy as the MegaG, but that 40 FP is
nasty, and they rarely lose firefights. They're very good for forcing
enemy out of prepared positions.

Vs a large infantry force is rough terrain, "Chloroform and Forceps"
treatment is neccessary. Go slow, and defeat in detail via concentrated
firepower. Try to hit along a broad front, and you'll get Close
assaulted and killed.
3 Thunderhawks can ruin your whole day.
Artillery concentrated in Counter-battery fire vs the Grand Battery will
strip the Gargant of its vital supports, leaving your AT shots to take
out the MegaG with impunity.
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