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Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 22:30:38 -0000

Staffan a �crit :

> >Thus they announced that D&D was a vehicle of recruitment for Satan,
> >though they somehow broke it down to monosyllablic words. They got a lot
> >of parents to not let their children play the game, and banned the books
> >from various organizations. This was reinforced when a couple of kids
> >killed themselves while playing the game; naturally, this couldn't be
> >the parent's fault for raising loser kids, it had to be some sort of
> >satanic pact. The highlight for these people was a made for TV movie (a
> >sure sign that some oddball movement/trailer trash story has made the
> >bigtime in the US), where a kid goes skitzo while playing a fantasy
> >roleplaying game, and ends up running through teh city with a sword.
> Altough we in sweden doesnt have such a strong religous organization
> were some voices raised after 2 guys killed a third, apperently they had
> played AD&D earlier that evening, after that there were loads of
> that descriped the mind wrinkeling effects(thats bad!) of roleplaying, it
> has now started to go down a bit though
> //staffan

Here in France, we had a lot of problems with the medias. Role Playing
Games don't have a good image, all began with a horrible crime, in a jew
cemetery where many tombs had been sacked! It was a racist crime but during
a long moment, the police and the press thought that Role Playing Games
players were guilty. In addition, some times later, a young man who was
playing RPGs commited a suicide, etc... Many TV broadcasts and other
magazines made their "investigation", deducing that RPGs were one of the
causes of satanism, suicides of young people, sackage of cemeteries, etc...
forgeting to mention that the suicided guy was not mentally stable for
example... :o(
Many players have now to hide their hobby to their parents in order to be
able to play!!!

Fran�ois Bruntz
Apprenti MIAGE (Universit� Paris XII/IBM France)

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