[Epic] The Battle of Blood River

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 19:32:38 +1300 (BST)

I fought my first Epic 40k campaign battle two days ago,
if anybody is interested. I was commanding 3000 point traitor
IG army and my opposition was a 1500 Eldar army. The IG army
has been seduced into joining up with Chaos and Orks. The Chaos
commanded forces are trying capture a vital land bridge between
two landmasses before enough Space Marine and Eldar
reinforcements arrive to prevent them capturing it.

In the first round of campaign movement the combined Eldar and
Space Marine forces were out manvoured. The Eldar were forced
make a stand at Blood river and hope that Space Marine
forces would arrive in time for the battle. The Space Marines
didn't arrive in time to assist the Eldar.

The Eldar commander choose flank attack as his defence plan
and I choose standard attack as my attack plan. This meant
the Eldar forces had the advantage of being behind a river,
in trenchs (except for the flanking detachments) and having

His plan to flank attack would have worked if I had only 50%
more points than he did. In the end however, IG army just had to
many troops for his plan to work. This not to take away anything
from my opponent, he had the better battle plan on the day and
implemented it better.

The final result of the battle is that the IG won the battle in
3 turns and as a result were able to do a blitzkierg. The
blitzkrieg has allowed Chaos forces to surround 60% of the Space
Marine and Eldar forces. If the surrounded Space Marine and Eldar
forces don't win the next battle and breakthrough the Chaos
commanded forces' blockade they will be destroyed.

If list members are interested I will post a complete battle report
and GIF map in five days time.

Sean Smith
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