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From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 06:36:20 +1300 (BST)

On Sun 22 Mar, Alan E & Carmel J Brain wrote:
> Sean Smith wrote:
> > A good attempt, but in my opinion the army has to many weakness,
> > which are:
> >
> > - Weak vs artillery,
> True. What Ork army isn't?

This is a valid point, but you missed my point! I was trying point out
the total number of different threats your army is weak against. A more
balanced maybe still weaked against 2 or 3 of the threats I listed, but a
not gainst all of them as your army is. Also enemy artillery can be
counted by fighta bommerz and the cult of speed.

> > - Weak vs aircraft,
> Agreed. But taking more Flak, or more Flyboyz, would mean losing another
> detachment, and there's an absolute minimum of each.

I would however, argue that it would better to lose a detachment and take
more flyboyz.

> > - Weak vs close combat forces
> If spread out on a broad front, true. But few CC forces can face the 5
> Battlefortresses, let alone the MegaGargant. And even the CofS with the
> Infantry riding on them can take out most things in CC.

My IG would take your battle fortresses out with death rays. The battle
fortresses wouldn't be able to support your infantry in combat and
my infantry would have a higher total assault value than your nfantry.

> > - Weak vs long range direct fire weapons (i.e deathrays).
> True-ish. The Warengines especially. That's what the MegaG is for, and
> for that matter, the Big Gunz. Not many forces have great quantities of
> Death Rays, they're mainly AT, which are far less effective vs the
> Battleforts.

Eldar have WE or vaul, Space Marines have ordinatus's and titans and
squats have vortex missiles. Only Tryranids can't lots of death rays,
but their close combat ability more than compensates for this.

> > I think that the critical flaw in the design of the army is that you
> > haven't played to Orks strengths. The strengths of ork armies armies
> > are:
> >

Again you missed my point, I was just listing what I perceive as the
strengths of an Ork army. I wasn't saying that your was weak in all
of these areas.

> > - Good close combat troops,
> Two replies: Firstly, the Battleforts and MegaG is pretty good.
> Secondly, there is one reasonable (not great) CC force, the Infantry,
> with Boarboyz and Nobz, supported by a Psyker. In order to get more,
> something would have to give.

See my comments adove.

> > - high survivability of troops (i.e nobz save ability),
> I've found that the number of Nobz was adequate. The Nobz to Boyz ratio
> is about 1:2, which I think is both optimum and non-cheesy.
> > - cheap screening troops (i.e gretchin),
> This is a valid criticism. But as it is, all troops are mobile, they can
> all ride on the vehicles. Swap some Nobz for Gretchin, and you'd need
> extra vehicles.

I would never put gretchin vehicles, it just not to expensive.

> > - cheap close combat and fire fight support troops (i.e getchin, pulsa
> > rockets and big gunz),
> I think 12 Big Gunz is not too few!
> > - good air support, which has the same affect as IG heavy
> > artillery, but costs 30 instead of 41 points. Ork fighters are
> > however vulnerable to snapfire and AA.
> True. This force is also limited by model availability. Also, most
> opponents I've faced have had losts of airpower ( 3 Thunderhawks plus 9
> Thunderbolts plus 3 Marauders in one case, 7 Squat Thunderfires, the
> 45cm 3FP Flak in the other) so these are mainly for defence.
> > - good titans, if supported well by infantry and aircraft
> > suppressing AT weapons.
> One Megagargant plus 5 Battleforts is really as much as you can squeeze
> in in 2000 pts, if you have even a modicum of support!

To be blunt, I would drop battle fortresses, they are just to easy to kill.

> In summary, your criticisms are all valid to some extent: but in 2000
> pts, it's about as balanced a "War Engine + Supports" force as you can
> get. In a larger force, I'd pick additional troops exactly as you
> described: Gretchin, Nobz, More Big Gunz and especially Pulsas, and more
> air, plus some Stormboyz.

Sean Smith
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