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Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 13:22:31 +0200 (MET DST)

At 06:00 PM 4/5/98 -0500, you wrote:
>This has already been argued about several times but I have a question. I
>was able to find a box set up Titan Legions this weekend still in the
>plastic for $24.00.

Lucky bastard...

>I play a Imperial Army and already have a Imperator,
>several Warlord and 13 Knight figs, but at the price I couldn't pass it up.
>If anything I could use the terrain/buildings. I'll probably trade or sale
>the figs with my local group. (I'm in the market for Warhammer Goblin figs
>if anyone is interested in trading. I mainly want/need Wolf riders or
>spider riders or chariots).
> Anyway to make a short post longer. I started to read the rules for Titan
>Legions and it said it was compatible with Space Marine.

Yes, it is basically rules clarifications with a few titan upgrade rules
that make titans hugely more desirable (as we know, a unit's effectiveness
is directly related to it's dollar value and anything GW could do to sell
more titans would be a bonus to them...)

>I never Played Space Marine so I don't know how well the rules worked. But for
>reading the rules for one day it seems like Space Marine / Titan Legions was a
>much more rule/chart lookup game compared to Epic 40k.

More rule look up - maybe. More chart look up - probably not. You still
need to know what the ranges of all your weapons are. You still need the
armour value of your targets. You need a chart for both games... I know
the stat line of almost every unit in SM/TL and so do the guys I game with.
It's no big deal. If you can remember your multiplication tables then you
can remember your stat lines...

>I like Epic 40k


>but am planning on trying out the rules for Space Marine to see if I like them
>better or worse.

But not beyond redemption...

>What is the general thought of the group?

I think that E40K should be boycotted by every sentient being on the planet,
but if you don't agree then you should probably try them both and then come
to my conclusion ;-)

>A: With only playing Epic 40K would the Space Marine rules seem more involved?

Yes. Very much so. Affirmative. No question about that. (But remember
what I said above about your multiplication tables...)

>B: If playing Space Marine first does Epic 40K take away from the game?

No. Not at all. Negative. E40K has in no way reduced my enjoyment of
SM/TL because I refuse to play such a #$%^#$%# ^***&%&^$# &**(^&*%%&$%^
(**(&^&*%&&*^% GW %^&&& &*^&*^&$&...

>I think you get the point of my question. I'm not trying to start a flame
>war, just curious.

And I've been as objective as I can be. (Honest :-)


>Thanks for the time.
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