[Epic] Titan Legion rules vs. Epic 40k - Can we end this ? - Everyone please read

From: Chris Pinson <chrisp_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 14:48:46 +0930

Greetings all,

I think Alexis has hit the nail on the head. As I stated la=
st week ... this discussion is pointless and I don't want to read about day=
 in and day out.

Surely we have discussed this enough. I Like one version,=
 you like another version .... so what. I cant convince you and you cant co=
nvince me. Lets just drop it.

I would be very grateful if I don't see a si=
ngle message about it tomorrow.

After all, if you still have something to =
say (something worthwhile, that is) then wait a few months until this threa=
d flares up again.

Those of you who want to keep it going .... take it to =
personal E-mail.

In order to take all our minds off it why don't we start =
a group project. Lets write an add on campaign pack with background, campai=
gn tree, characters etc. We should even put in rules for E40K and SM/TL. I =
am serious BTW. Something interesting .... How about something which involv=
es bizarre alliances. Let me think ....

Cheers all.

       Thereīs no =
point in discussing this, except maybe depressing me
and the others who ac=
tually like E40k, personally i donīt see anything
wrong with the new sys=
tem itīs easy, itīs clean, itīs not too expensive
(by this i mean yo=
u dont have to buy expansion sets...)

   Yes, they could have done somethi=
ng better but then because the
system is simple you can easely do and play=
 your own rules...

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