Re: [Epic] The Atmosphere of the 40K universe

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 10:06:34 +0200 (MESZ)

> I remember seeing a message a few days ago where someone made the comment
> that 40K is a happier universe than back in the RT days. I must admit that
> though I've never played RT, I HAVE read some of the articles in it and I
> feel that 40K would be better off if it had remained a dark, forboding, and
> gothic place. I admit I chose to play Marines because they seemed like
> "Good" guys, but the way I imagined it they were the noble defenders of a
> dying Empire in a universe where every step and every way you turned there
> was another evil race/person/thing that was out to destroy you. The way it
> seems now is that the noble and supreme Empire is doing fine and it just has
> a few outside worries, but they're nothing major and it's nothing that the
> billions strong IG can't deal with. Chaos you say? That's why there are
> Inquisitors and Grey Knights (if anybody needs a Codex it's them [BTB don't
> harrass me about Dark Eldar and Squats. They still need a Codex in my
> opinion and they're a higher priority than Grey Knights]) I still enjoy the
> game, but the atmosphere is not what I felt when I first got the game. I for
> one, after reading so much about SM/TL and the fluff within, would like to
> see a return to the adult themes and dark feeling that I saw when I first
> got interested in buying Warhammer 40K. Any other thoughts on the subject?

Changing to lighter background seems to have been done in order to reduce
the average age of new players.
(Imagine 10-12 year old human beings reading about the old dark empire!)


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