Re: [Epic] The Atmosphere of the 40K universe

From: Sauron Moridor <sauron1_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 07:26:54 -0700

Sauron1 writes;

        The Horus Heresy period always interestted me as the Traitor legions
were loyal to Horus because of his Leadership and they had served with
him a long time,far away from home. I beleave that many of them thought
they were doing the right thing and would not have turned Traitor if
they new Chaos was involved.

        Probabbly Ceasers legions felt the same when they "Crossed the Rubicon"
and basically did the same thing to the Roman Empire. Some of my
associates were "Retired" from the department last year when a
supossedly friendly country used our security contacts and services
without notifying us of their intent. All of the department personel
that had "Operatted" with them of the years were "Purged".

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