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From: Matthew Sprange <altsain_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 10:34:03 +0100

>> One of my epic buddies has suggested that since we (our gaming group)
>> been the only epic players we have spotted in a year of two conventions
>> 26 gaming meetings, it would just about be time we moved up in scale to
>> Warhammer 40K.
>> How do other epic players find WH40K?
>I don't. I avoid it.

I think you are all being a bit harsh here ;) We stopped playing with Epic
a little over a year ago, always with the intention of going back, but aside
from building up our ever swelling armies we have had little to do with 6mm
scale. We started 40k with the intention of having small armies so we could
do combined campaigns of the two games, but I am now the proud owner of a
12000+ point Dark Angels army, 1000+ points of Necrons and 3000+ points of
Eldar (including two Titans), with no signs of slowing. My Tyranid player
seems to be trying to match his Epic forces, he has nearly 100 Genestealers!

The game itself is not slow, it is quite well detailed, there are some few
flaws and mis-interpretations in the rules, but so long as you find yourself
with agreeable players and get everything sorted before you begin rolling
dice, you will find it works out fine. In this respect it is similar to
Space Marine and Titan Legions.

In the ideal world I would be playing both games regularly, but time and
work puts paid to that.

If you want any more help, mail me privately.

Matthew Sprange, Commander of the Dark Angels (Loyalist Division), Farseer
of the Altsain Craftworld, Abbotess(?) of the Sacred Order of the Argent
Shroud and part-time Necron Lord.
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