Re: [Epic] Taking the "Generic" out of Your Daemon Engines in Epic 40K!

From: Scott Shupe <shupes_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 18:56:52 -0400

Alan E & Carmel J Brain wrote:
> > Well, the Tower and Blood Reaper are NOT the same thing
> > as, say, the Death Dealer and Brass Scorpian. I would start
> > with a basic statline, and then allow upgrades for the 'shooty'
> > types (Tower and Bloodreaper, which were pretty much the same
> > anyway), close support type (Cauldron), and 2 varieties of pure
> > assault engine (Death Dealer - higher CAF + transport, Scorpian -
> > higher CAF + the e41k "Dozer" ability). And perhaps a barrage
> > (not heavy barrage) variety for the Doom Blaster, which was quite
> > weak and should be seperated from the Cannons of Khorne.
> Agree, except that the Doom Mortars should be lumped in with the CoC. I
> know the SM2 stats were totally different, but the Doom Mortars are
> mentioned in the fluff as being "Chaos Artillery", and the model looks
> at least as shooty as a CoC.

        Well, I was thinking along the lines of giving Doom Mortars
their own stats (as a barrage artillery weapon, possibly with a min
range) and removing the artillery designation from the heavy barrage
used-to-be-direct-fire-only Cannons. It would make things a little
closer to how they were in SM/TL and also give some more diversity
to the Chaos general.

> > Hmmm... I just realized that there's no non-WE unit that
> > has more than one weapon type. I guess it would make the points
> > harder to figure out... Certainly the unofficial point formula
> > that's been posted around here doesn't work in this case. Perhaps
> > for simplicity's sake the cannon should just be forgotten, or you
> > could increase the Contagion's Assault to take into account it
> > firing at incoming attackers.
> Where do you think the 2 CC factor for a Contagion come from?

        Unless I mistyped the stats on my website, Contagions only
have an AF of 1 (have to check on that). In any case, they had a
CAF of +3 back in the old days, *plus* the vomit cannon, making
them a dicey target for fast assault troops. Of course, they were
so pitiful as arty that there was no reason to charge them anyway...
So now they're more useful but not as good close-up... that's a
change I can live with, I suppose.

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