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>hey Peter (and all),
>the recent thread on the scale of the game, both figure and table-top,
>really struck a nerve in me.
>I think this is an important issue to be placed in the NetEpic rules
>somewhere (intro?), as it will help new and converted players better
>understand the mechanics of the game - especially the disparity (sp?) in
>the two
>I've tried telling new and fellow plyers "Hey, the figs are bigger than
>they should be by the ground scale." for years, and it really does seem to
>a difference in how players accept the game. The whole scale issue is one
>of my biggest beefs with GW, especially in 40K, and I'm interested to hear
>what you (all) think about including this discussion in the rules.

Well Chris, you will find that nearly all wargames have a much larger scale
for the figures than the actual ground scale that the game is played on.
Just this morning was reading Stargrunt II (a 25mm SCI-Fi combat game that
is FAR superior to 40K) and there is just such a discussion on the topic.
The designers state that the reason ground scale differs to miniature-scale
is that if the two were 1:1 even the lightest of weapons would have at least
medium range to anything on the table top! It is rare to find a game where
the ground scale and figure scale are 1:1. And it usually only happens in
games that are 1:300. F

or a playable game I can't see it working in Epic. The Volcano Cannon and
Defense Laser are supposedly AA weapons that can hit low-orbiting
spacecraft. At the figure scale I hope that low-orbit isn't only 100cm
straight up otherwise those Titans and infantry are bloody tall! And you
just try fitting 30 marines into the current THawk design. Or two
Super-Heavy Tank companies into a Capitol Imperialis.

The scale differentiation put me out too for a while, but you get used to
it. After all its all about having fun and using your imagination isn't
it!?! You want realistic scales and rules, play Napoleonics. I'll stick to
using my imagination with a little realism thrown in for good measure.


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