Re: [Epic] Jetbike question

From: Mark A Shieh <SHODAN+_at_...>
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 20:24:24 -0400 (EDT)

Scott Shupe <shupes_at_...> writes:
> Francois Bruntz wrote:
> It's not just that, there is also the number of troops.
> If you dismounted a bike unit, you'd have 3 marines armed with
> short-ranged weaponry and not 5 marines with a mix of weapons
> like you would have for a normal stand. Your example does work
> pretty good in the case of a bike stand but falls apart for
> similar units.

It seems that pilots are pretty similar across units. Perhaps a
generic pilot unit, like the one constructed below?

> > For each stat (mvt, range, FP, etc...), take the lowest value :
> > Bike Pilots Mvt : 10cm Range : 15cm FP : 1 AV : 2 Armour : 4+

Then, determine how many units it takes to make a pilot stand, say 3-4 men?
1 bike unit = 1 pilot stand
2 attack bike stands = 1 pilot stand
3 Rhinos? = 1 pilot stand
2 Land Raiders? = 1 pilot stand

[though, depending on fluff, aren't rhino pilots not even full marines?]

> > In fact, I do think that these rules... kick ass! YES! I did it! ;oD
> Yea gods, we've created a monster...!

        All isn't lost yet. He hasn't started using it as an
adjective yet. i.e. that Imperator is a kickass unit.

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