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From: Francois Bruntz <fbruntz_at_...>
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 01:31:34 PDT

> It's not just that, there is also the number of troops.
>If you dismounted a bike unit, you'd have 3 marines armed with
>short-ranged weaponry and not 5 marines with a mix of weapons
>like you would have for a normal stand.

This is why you should take only the lowest value of each unit. If the
pilots were 5 then we could expect them to have almost the same stats of
a standard tactical unit but they are only 3 without basic equipment
(bolter pistol or something like that) : so, in the stats they have only
1 in FP and 1 in AV. In addition they don't have any of the competences
of the standard space marines (they don't use to fighting without their

> Your example does work
>pretty good in the case of a bike stand but falls apart for
>similar units.

I agree, this can only be used with stands (Eldar and Imperial bikes,
goretboyz, etc...) and not with units such as attack bikes, buggies,
vypers which are represented by only one fig.

> OK, so I buy some attack bikes and want to dismount the
>troops (2 marines, driver & gunner). I would get something like:
>Move: 10cm Range: 30cm FP: 1 AV: 1? Armor: 4
>plus Rapid Fire and Stubborn.

No, the unit would lose the two competences, you only take the minus.

> Those 2 marines, without any heavy
>weapons, are just as good as shooting as a normal 5-marine fire
>team. And for some reason they can shoot farther than the 3
>marines that dismounted from the attack bike stand.

Yes, you're right, this rule could only work with vehicle stands.

> And what about dismounting the marines from my Rhinos?
>Predators? Land Raiders? Why not? How do you determine the
>stats in those cases?

This is is a good question and thank you very much for asking it...
Hum, well, I don't know.

I think about this rule only for fun, it would be too complex to use it
seriously in a game.

>> In fact, I do think that these rules... kick ass! YES! I did it!
>> ;oD
> Yea gods, we've created a monster...!

And I've just began...

I kick ass! You kick ass! We kick ass! Every body kick ass!!!!!!!!
Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf!

Hum, sorry, I forgot to take my medicine... :oD

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