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Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 23:44:15 -0600

Alexis Nahib Delgado Saab wrote:

> >
> >> This got me thinking.......(cloud of smoke clears...)
> >> Has anyone ever compared the Dune Universe to the 40K one? There are
> some
> >> similarities that struck the Sardaukar from Dune, the fore
> runners
> >> of the Marines? And could it be that the Emperor of 40K fame is the
> Atriedes
> >> boy who changed himself? The navigators from Dune seem to be only
> mutated
> >> versions of those from 40K. With so little fluff about pre-rise of
> the
> >> Emperor, and considering that the DUn 'verse is some 20000 years in
> the
> >> future, is this a plausible idea? Or have I just finally flipped?
> >
> >GW was probably 'inspired' by the Dune background...
> >
> It�s a pretty interesting idea, let me sleep on it ( and finish
> reading the 4th book)
> Alexis Delgado
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  The second and third were pretty bad. The fourth was decent, and I think
the last was pretty good. If you like the psychological aspects of Herberts
work, read Destination Void (not particularly good), The Jesus Incident, The
Lazarus Effect and Acension Factor (all very good). Its a series; you can
get away without the first book. A book called Dragons in the Sea or Under
Pressure is a really cool sub warfare book.

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