Re: [Epic] Universe idea....

From: Alexis Nahib Delgado Saab <alexis_usb_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 18:38:31 PDT

>> This got me thinking.......(cloud of smoke clears...)
>> Has anyone ever compared the Dune Universe to the 40K one? There are
>> similarities that struck the Sardaukar from Dune, the fore
>> of the Marines? And could it be that the Emperor of 40K fame is the
>> boy who changed himself? The navigators from Dune seem to be only
>> versions of those from 40K. With so little fluff about pre-rise of
>> Emperor, and considering that the DUn 'verse is some 20000 years in
>> future, is this a plausible idea? Or have I just finally flipped?
>GW was probably 'inspired' by the Dune background...

    It�s a pretty interesting idea, let me sleep on it ( and finish
reading the 4th book)

                                  Alexis Delgado

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