Re: [Epic] Newbie Questions

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 10:46:50 +0200 (MESZ)

> > Scouts 10cm 30cm 1 2 4+ Infiltrators, Stubborn.
> >
> > Note that they will not have Rapid Fire and that their armor is 1 less
> > than normal marines, and that their assault value is 1 less. For those
> > people that do keep track of these things, this stat line is the same as
> > a generic orc but better than an IG trooper in both armor and assault
> > values.
> >
> As I mentioned before, you are not taking into account the unwritten.
> Scouts can have 2 weapons for CC and generally do. They are very
> effective in combat, equal to a marine, therefore they should have AV3,
> Dropping the rapid fire is fine by me, but I don't think the armour drop
> is justified. Yes they are tougher and they do have worse armour, but,
> unlike marines, their armour is lighter and more flexible, coupled with
> the dispersed formation and the advanced deployment, this makes them
> quite formidable in 40k. In e40K, infantry armour and toughness are two
> of many factors that make up armour. Having troops spread out like scouts
> makes them much easier to put in cover, I think the only thing that
> should change is the Rapid fire.

IMHO stubborn should be removed (like in W40k).


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