Re: [Epic] Same Ol Thing

From: Chris Miller <ironstar_at_...>
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 14:44:57 -0500

><< As it happens "Mecha" (BT, HG, Epic Knights, GZG Infantry Walkers) is
> high on the list for E41K conversions. >>
> for Knights, are you gonna base them off the CJ rules?
-------> Might be interesting to make them along the lines of Warhounds and
Superheavy tanks i.e. a small superheavy unit.

><<Is not that one that is the assault on the palace game? I always
>though "Battle for Armageddon" would be a better campaign source.>>
>Depends on what you are doing. Heresy is nice as a "historical"
>battle/campaign. Armageddon is better for "current" era units, and would
>a decent campaign base.
------> I only throw Horus Heresy out for those wanting to do the Chaos
assault on Earth. Armageddon would be better for a larger scale campaign,
but since it's based on the WW2 Eastern Front I don't know how much you
actually need the game itself. Any large-scale east front map will give a
good start.

And as for my griping, I'm trying to talk my friend into a small Epic fight
tonight so I'll have something new to share...

Chris Miller
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