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>War should not be on a much more personal and smaller scale in the 40K
>universe than in real life. It should be grim and dehumanizing. (My
>opinion, obviously). If you've got planetary armies of 25 million+ men,
>if you've got hive worlds with populations of 200 billion, you've got a
>whole universe of malicious foes, and your motto is "In the grim darkness
>of the far future there is only war," then the whole scale has already been
>set up to make war a vast, faceless affair - my kind of fight.

I remember some of the earlier pictures where the entire picture was covered
by hordes and hordes of troops. The sheer numbers of troops they talk about
does make even epic battles tiny affairs. Now 40K with their "armies" don't
even make a nurgling's snot load of difference.

Me, I think that the marines make very little real difference in the wars
overall. And assasins even less. I had the terrifying occurenece on the
weekend asking if my vindicators were vindicar assasins. He was a 40K player
and thought it'd be great to have units of assasins. Oh the horror.

I think that the whole thing of making the future of war personal is a
manner to which the 40K players can justify the importance of their "armies"
and "battles" instead of the piddling affairs they really are. Billions of
soldiers in combat makes those great big super-characters just unimportant
in the real picture and that would upset them.
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