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>What you are not remembering is that the marines do not have to protect
>"entire chuncks of the Imperium". That is what the Imperial Guard do.
>Each Imperial planet has it's own army at least the size of our current
>armies combined(25 million+). The space marines are elite forces that are
>usend when nessissary agaist especialy dangerous foes. Also war is on a
>much more personal and smaller scale in the 40k universe. This is seen
>when in the stories and text fluff as well as reflected in the games.

Oh, so the threat of the Tyranid, chaos incursions, ork invasions and
traitorous world leaders only have teeney tiny armies so that the marines
can make a difference? My opinion of the battles, the real battles are of
enormous numbers of troops. The novels suggest huge numbers. The Imperial
fleet is said to be able to block out the stars from it's size. Why would
the battles be of a smaller scale in the future? And why would they suddenly
become personal? Just to justify GW's beleif that Close Combat is the be all
and end all of future war? Most warfare at present has less personal contact
then ever, why would it reverse so much?
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