[Epic] 40K history?

From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 10:20:25 +1000 (EST)

>Once, the Imperium was fighting a losing war over the span of countless
>millenia, giving up a dozen worlds every year to implacable foes who gave
>no quarter. Its citizens and its bureaucracy offered up their blind
>adulation to a Carrion God who stood mutely over a universe of slaughter.
>Ignorance was a man's armor, to shield his weak soul against the predations
>of Chaos. In the name of the Emperor, hundreds of trillions were oppressed
>and repressed and enslaved to His worship.

This was the history that I loved. The Imperium was a lot like the nasty
Inquisition from the pages of 2000AD. They were bastards, they didn't care
about humanity and lives were very very very cheap. Commisars were nasty
guys that led units like the gestapo. People were used as human bombs,
treated very badly and life as a whole held little comfort, unless you were
amoung the ruling elite. Necromunda did something to bring it back, but then
it was just one hive world.

>It's not like that anymore. The Imperium today is no worse off than any
>other vaguely bleak futuristic setting. Sure, thousands die every day, but
>it's less fatalistic now. Moral ambiguity is a thing of the past. A
>benevolent Emperor guards steadfastly over the good guys.

The Imperium suddenly became a politically correct culture. The Imperium
suddenly cared about humanity, boldly defending it against all enemies (and
they just keep numbering up) The Emperor was transformed into the good guy,
and ambiguous term at best of times. And Horus and the traitors changed from
misled marines to real bad guys.

Me I prefer the horrible, doomed, Imperium of the past. I prefer the
hopeless situation they were left in.
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