Re: [Epic] A few questions

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 16:29:22 +0200 (MESZ)

> a) Is a Titan's Close Combat Weapon (with range 30cm and 4 FP)
> considered a Super Heavy Weapon, or a FP-based weapon for purposes of
> placing Blast
> Markers ?

Treat it as a FP-based weapon.

> b) I've got a detachment with a Warboss and 4 Gretchins, and 4
> infiltrators which are 50 cm away from the main unit. My opponent fires for
> 7 BM on the Infiltrators, which are the only stands in range for him; this
> results
> in 4 dice being rolled.
> b1) If he rolls 2, 4, 5 and 6 : 3 Infiltrators get killed and the detachment
> gets a BM.
> b2) If he rolls 1, 1, 2 and 3 : Nobody gets killed because only the Gretchin
> can get hit (Armour 3+), but because they are out of range/not in LOS this
> is not the case. Does this mean that no BM is placed because no ACTUAL hit
> is scored ?

No hits are scored, no BM placed.

> c) My only infiltrator stand of my big Ork detachment is scaling a big
> hill/mountain. When he reaches the top he is 50 cm away from the core
> troops of his detachment, but he is right in the range and sights of an
> Imperator (who is at the other side of the hill/mountain, some 40 cm away) !
> The Princeps is very happy because he has a target to shoot at, and fires
> all his weapons at the single Ork. 30 FP + 6 SHW result in 1 dead Ork
> Infiltrator + 7 BMs. (3 BMs for the 24+ FP, 1 BM for the 6 SHW and 3 BMs
> for the 3 MegaCannon shots). This would result in placing 7 BMs on stands
> that are not in range or in line of sight ? Isn't this a bit unreal or is
> my example (just a bit) too extreme ? It's just that my Infiltrators are
> always the first units in Range and this results in gettting BMs over my
> main unit...

That procedure is correct. Be more careful with infiltrators.

> d) Consider the following situation : My Warboss drives away from his
> detachment, so that he will be separated from his troops. When he is more
> than 30 cm away, all his troops will be 'out of command'. The troops that
> are 'out of command' do not become 'in command' by following the 'Chain of
> command', because the Warboss is still alive. If the Warboss gets killed,
> the troops that are 'out of command' DO NOT become suddenly 'in command'
> (this can be found in the Battles Book). Why is this prohibited ?

Why? No idea.

> I know that the 'out of command' rule prevents a detachment from splitting
> up in smaller detachments, but then you have the 'Chain of command' which
> more-or-less hints that splitting of the detachment and staying 'in command'
> at the same time could be done. It just confuses me completely...

BMs on out-of-command units are not placed on the det, right?


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