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>Every third turn was a supply turn at the end of which all armies were
>brought upto their normal points value by re-supplying them. You could ask
>a person to support you into a territory in which case you received half the
>supporting army's value in allies from that person's lists (we had no
>restrictions on who could ally with who as it was easier that way, so yes,
>High elves did ally with Chaos on one occasion).

Whoops. I forgot to add in the points that you could never have more points
in armies than Cities or Depots to supply them all, eg.- if you had 4 x 500
point armies in the 40K situation but only had 3 depots, then you had to
lose one of the armies in the supply turn. Also, an army couldn't be
supplied if it could not draw a clear line through friendly territories to a
friendly depot and would be destroyed in a supply turn if it had no supply line.

>It may all sound very complex, but it was simple and using the map was very
>visual as you could brag about owning two countries or be whining about
>having all your enemies beating on the city gates. Simple, effective and
>easily run by the Campaign Master.

If anyone wants more details, I'll be happy to give them, but that's really
of them I think. This could be easily applied to any game system.


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