Re: [Epic] Eldar & Disrupts.

From: Greg Lane <greg_at_...>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 17:18:34 -0500

J Andrew Evans wrote:

> Thane Morgan wrote:
> > Yes, but having the artillery ability, the odds are a wave serpent won't be able to see
> > the biovore who will be behind cover. And since you'll have to charge the closest unit, a
> > genestealler detat or assault spawn or termagant detatchment in front of the biovore will
> > prevent directly assault the biovore.
> >
> Surely since the Wave Serpent is a skimmer it can do a pop-up and shoot over the scenery?
> > The nightspinners are double the points of the biovore, so you will not be able to trade
> > shots well. Also, a nightspinner detat will surely be a prime target for pod bound
> > troops.
> >
> OK, so that just argues Biovores are low on points but the Excel Epic points calculator
> calculates that they should be 25 rather than 20; not that much more so one must look at
> the weakness. Speed of 10cm (but then they can get into Assault Spawn) and armour of 4.
> On that basis I'd say raw firepower has to be the answer to large Biovore swarms. Kill the
> Bugs!!
> Anybody else out there got any other ideas?
> A#

Yep, in my experience, raw firepower is the answer ... stand 'em on overwatch and fire til the
barrels melt! ... after unloading as much arty as you can on them. Then, fix bayonets and
prepare for the assault.

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