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Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 12:40:59 +1000 (EST)

>>Is there something about the new game that makes it possible for people
>>to predict that it will be crap without even playing it, if so, then I
>>would like to know before I spend me hard earned cash.

>I have not seen the new system, so I cannot know if Epic 40K will be good or
>not, but do not forget that the people that created Epic 40K are the same
>that created the other GW games you love (in your case WH40K, in my case
>Epic 2 and WHFB ), so unless they have a momentary lapse of reason, they
>will make a good job of it.

I agree with you on the principle of not judging the system until I have
tried it, but I DO NOT agree with you on the grounds of them making a good
job of it based on past experieinces. IMHO I feel that GW games are
mediocre, it is the BACKGROUND and HISTORY that makes their games good. GW
are notoriously one-sided in my experience. Alot is based on Initiative and
actual minis. I've noticed that is GW likes a mini or unit, then it WILL be
significantly better than a supposed equivalent unit. I like to play GW
games for the ease of finding an opponent and the flavour of the universe,
not the the actual game itself.

>The latest major release of GW is WHFB 5th ed., and in some ways it is
>better than 4th ed. because the main problem is resolved (IMHO, of course) :
>that magic had too much importance in the game.Now, magic is toned down and
>the game is more 'tactical' and the magic phase isn't the most important
>phase in the game anymore.

I do agree here. The game is more controlled now. The fact that they
changed the game enough to make you have to buy the new system, but not
enough that you felt justified doing it was a real pain, though. It is more
enjoyable now, though.

>About what I heard from Paul 'Rumour Control' Tobia and others that has seen
>the game, the game seems very interesting, and a very original system.
>The minis look cool, and the system seems as simple (but different) as the
>old system.

ORIGINAL SYSTEM!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! From the tid-bits I have heard
this game is a mish-mash of Stargrunt II, Dirtside II and the 1st Edition
Space Marine. NONE of GW's current games are very original at all and they
can all be traced back to more original games. The only thing original
about it is the fact that they have put all the different mechanics together
in a new way.

>One of the biggest problems in Epic 2 (that each and every vehicle has a
>myriad of special rules, without a 'globalising' view) seems to be resolved
>in a very harsh way : that now, some vehicles were regrouped in generic
>groups, with less variety.But you can trust GW to come with new special
>vehicles every month.

AND charge a fortune for them to boot.


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