Re: [Epic] New Game Grumbles

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Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 11:35:59 +1000 (EST)

>Well that is actually a load off my mind. Kelvin is apparently buying the
>new game (I think) and we'll be able to test the new rules then. If I can
>still use my bog loads of infantry I'll be so much happier. I don't want to
>think of how many hours I spent painting those little guys to have them just
>gather dust. And although I have yet to actually see the pictures of the new
>infantry, everyone and I do mean everyone says the new infantry do look damn
>good, so I just might have to get a couple. Damn, Damn, Damn!!!!!! Packrat
>habits really die hard. Just ask Kelvin the junk I accumulate, but then
>again I have seen his gaming room too. ;-)

Yes, Jase, you ARE a real Pack-rat. Strange how your cats haven't eaten you
yet. I only said I'd buy the new game IF I could get it at a significant
discount (I flatly refuse to pay $140 for it), IF I have the money for it,
IF I ever get my Kryomek Miniatures and IF I can keep it a relative secret
from Tash that I bought it. I can hear it now: "YOU said you'd never buy
anything from them again!" "But the minis look so cool..." "But you've
still got all this other stuff to paint! I give up!"

I may buy it (read: probably will) but not for a while.

I'd like to make the point of how similar this new version of Epic is
looking like the 1st edition of Epic. I've recently been reading the rules
(thanks Doddsy!) and noticed how similar the ranges and force-make-ups are.
I wonder how closely the new mechanics are to old system?

Oh and my Gaming room is NOT that cluttered! I can still get in and out ! ;-)


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