Re: [Epic] GW Drivels! Um, I mean speaks!

From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 12:29:29 +1000 (EST)

> This is the letter I received today. Notice WHO GW passes the blame to.
> The very stores that sell THEIR crap! Thought you might enjoy it. Or,
> at least make fun of it!

Gotta love GW with it's attitude to the stores that give them all their
profits. So it's the stores fault that they don't pay GW for the privelege
of buying all of the stock? The stores don't care about customers if they
don't tow the GW totalitarian line? Anyone and I mean anyone that has
contact with GW in a store knows that GW dosen't care about the customers
let alone the stores, but it is the stores fault for not helping the
customers by outlaying a heap of money with the very high chance of them
never getting much of it back. I mean GW dosen't care if the store goes
bust, they've already got their money.

Gee, I'm ranting against GW again. And I've tried so hard to be nice to them
this week.

>>Sorry to loose you, Keith. The whole reason we wanted stores to buy Epic
>>racks is so customers can be assured of finding what they need to play at a
>>store, and not have to hunt around.
>>Any store that isn't interested in
>>carrying the Epic line properly, meaning having enough for players to play,
>>isn't really interested in helping their customers very well. So we'd rather
>>deal with the ones who really want to support the hobby well.
>>Please give us a call if you'd like to discuss it further.
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