Re: [Epic] New Game Grumbles

From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 12:23:31 +1000 (EST)

>>Kind of an original copy then?
>I'm vaguely disturbed by the fact that GW is being criticized for borrowing
>concepts from games that people like. I would think that this would be
>applauded, instead of denigrated as somehow "unoriginal." All wargames have
>certain traits in common, and there have only been a handful of ways to deal
>with them that have been successfully implemented. Since the vast majority
>of people on this list seem to think that DSII, Stargrunt II, and !st Ed.
>were good games, then taking high points from each should be a good thing.

The point is not that they are taking the good parts of other systems to
make their systems better, which is good for their systems. It's a question
of whether taking someone elses idea is really right. GW taking (stealing)
the works of another company and masquerading them under different names and
dealing them out to their customers as their own work is purely and simply
wrong. The word plagarism was used against people at school and Uni for
people that commited such acts. For a company that is very very controlling
with their copyright against people they employed and created works for
them, the fact that they are "borrowing" rules and ideas is very
hypocritical, if bordering on criminal. If you consider that this is fine
then I must really take the opposing side, at least in this matter. For a
higly regarded company as GW is meant to be they should not be stealing
other peoples concepts and ideas, full stop. I mean they have already stolen
hundreds of minature desiners figures, they have ripped off concepts from
all over the place, now they start on the rules? It is wrong pure and
simple. Whenever a reporter/writer copies anothers work they end up in court
and often are punished.

>"There is nothing new under the sun." - it's from the Bible somewhere, but I
>never memorized verses and stuff.

The bible also says thou shall not steal! And that's in the big 10!

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