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>I recently played my first epic battle. Whoa!! It was fun for both
>parties, albeit a little confusing... I would give you a complete battle
>report, but i can't remember everything. We made many mistakes, I'm
>sure, the most noticeable being the objectives. We placed them without
>consulting the rules to doublecheck what we thought was correct, and we
>screwed it up so badly it was impossible to use objectives. Of course,
>we realized this too far into the battle to change. Also, we started
>about 100 cm away from each other, instead of 80, which was to my

'S good fun, eh? Gotta love that Chaos thang.

> I was playing Chaos, and my friend had Space Marines. I knew i had to
>get into CC in order to do damage, as i had no range above 50cm, aside
>from Magnus. So i started charging across the board. He just sat back
>and zapped me with Land Raiders and his Warlord. By the time i got into
>CC, I had lost two GDs, almost every company of infantry, and all my
>Rhinos and flyers. Any suggestions? Also, if you have any comments,
>please go ahead... thanks,

For a start, Chaos is one of the more versatile forces IMHO. While everyone
thinks that they are a CC army, that is where their MAIN strength lies and
it is therefore something you should never discounted. But there are some
sneaky tricks to use against other forces so they are prepared for the "slog
it out over the battlefield and hope you survive to reach CC" tactic that is
so common in Epic CHaos forces, but you can give them a really nasty surprise.

It is very easy to create a shooty Chaos force and a speedy Chaos force.

When going for the Shooty force, choose lots of Chaos Marine stuff like Land
Raiders, Predators, Whirlwinds, Tarantulas, Mole Mortars and other stuff
like that as well as some of the more shooty Daemon Engines. For the GD's
go for the Lord of Battles armed with the Shooty stuff, Magnus (obviously),
the Lord Of Change and the GD of Slaaneesh. The GD of Slaaneesh is great
for shifting infantry from buildings as it doesn't need line of sight to use
the Aura of Pleasure thingy it shoots. Reaver Titans are great too and you
can use IG stuff depending on which rules for IG allies you use.

For the Speedy force, Tzeench and Slaaneesh are the powers of choice here as
their Daemon Engines are the swiftest. I LOVE those Hell-Scourge Knights.
They just kick royal bum! Again the Chaos Marines are the deal of the day
with their THawks and their Rhinos, but to carry other stuff around, the
DeathDealer Engine of Khorne and the Plague Tower of ol' Farty Pants Nurgle
are good. They offer large capacities and decent protection from enemy
fire. And for some mobile firepower, the Warhound Titan is well worth
considering as well as those Slaaneeshi Daemon Knights and Titans.

For the "Slog it out" Chaos force you really need to consider a way to get
there faster and under cover if you can. Use all the Terrain you can to
your advantage and use all the transports you can get your mitts on. While
Rhinos and THawks can only be used by Chaos SM's as I said above there are
other forms of transport.

I've tried a "Fast and Shooty" Chaos force and it worked really well, so try
it if you can! They're great!


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