Re: [Epic] yet another E40K question

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Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 10:02:48 +1000 (EST)

>What am I gonna do with all those darn bonebreakas? I
>didn't think I was going to get Titan Legions, so got
>a box of the things. Then I got TL, and got more.
>They're included in this game, so I got more. I'll vary
>some, I'm sure (leaving off roller, as someone mentioned,
>maybe add stuff). But I got too many. (Also Rhinos and
>Whirlwinds. Oh, well.)

You can turn the BoneBreakas into Hovertanks quite easily. You leave off
the Roller and remove the little tab that the roller attaches to. Then chop
off the tracks (they are useful for NOTHING, so you can mangle them if you
want) and smooth down the underside.

TA-DA!!!!!! One Hovertank useful for an Orky "'OvvaKraft" or as a Hovertank
in Dirtside II or other 5mm games. I turned some of mine into hovertanks
this way and I think they look pretty darned cool. Now all I need to do is
paint them....

Dunno about the Rhinos or Whirlwinds thought.


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