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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 08:34:38 +1000 (EST)

> Well according to the Web-Grognards web site:
>Grognard: a soldier of Napoleon's Old Guard; a veteran soldier; grumbler
>(French) - Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd ed
>'Grognard' is also slang for someone who likes playing wargames.A Grognard
>is a veteran.
> I'm surprised you don't know that one, never been to
>Web-Grognards? It's a wargaming web site, lots of historical stuff
>and board wargames ( as opposed to bored wargames ) though,
>so if you're not into that...
> Anyway, have a look-see:
>Web Grognards

I have played a decent amount amount of historical wargames, not a great
deal, but a reasonable amount. Never heard the grognard bit before though.
Maybe it's a European thing? Maybe I just don't listen to what others say? :-(

I'll have a look at the website. Thanx.

> By the way, how many of you folks are curry fans? I love the
>stuff, and thought it was quite funny actually when I started reading
>Jervis and others going on about the effects of beer and curry in WD

Wahoo, another curry lover. I love a nice Tikka Masala, or a lovely mild
Balti, especially with a nice dose of cheesey cheesey bread. But nothing
goes better then a great chicken vidaloo. Really cleans out every system of
the body. Oh boy. And yes, I can also relate to the effects.

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