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>I'm a recent Games Workshop convert. Once I said I would never, ever,
>ever by or play GW stuff. Until a friend begged me to play blood bowl. I
>relented and played. Soon I found myself with my own edition of Blood
>Bowl, Deathzone, and a ton of BB minis. (And you know what? I love it!
>Heh, heh, heh.) I can't believe I denied myself the fun of GW games.
>Lately I delved into the world of Necromunda. Yet again, more fun!

Yeah. These are the best games I think GW has produced as they don't even
begin to take themselves seriously, and so attract a different type of gamer
to them. 40K and Fantasy players tend to take the game far too seriously.

>Yet I
>still find myself reluctant to get into Warhammer 40k or Fantasy battle.
>I love mass combat and strategy. But I just don't have the cash to get
>into it on the scale I'd like. (I'm a big warmachine/armor/infantry fan
>from an early career in wargaming.) I've looked at Man'O'War, and I'd
>love to pick that up (although it's been discontinued). The new EPIC
>looks absolutely hot, and I hear they are making an EPIC scale fantasy
>battle set? Is this true, and could the Man'O'War rules be modified to
>work with the EPIC scale fantasy battle set (if it is coming out.)

The last word on Epic Fantasy I heard was a post-2000 release. And while
they would probably be fun to play together, I think the Man-O-War ships are
way out of scale to the proposed Epic Fantasy. Shame really, but then scale
is never any gaming company's stong point.


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