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>> Oh, I like the abilities all right, but I like to earn them for the titan
>> rather than buy them. (This is not a problem - other than keeping the titan
>> alive - in my regular gaming group, but you really need a bunch of opponents
>> who you play with in a campaign like setting.)
>It is fun to watch your titans earn battle honors in a campaign setting.
>My hat's off to anyone who can earn a second one with the same titan.
>Generally, I don't mind people buying titan honors, so long as they pay
>the points and then roll on the chart. After all, this is how the
>honor would be selected in a campaign, and really what I think was intended
>for purchased honors as well. It's when people start paying points and
>*picking* which honor to buy that I get a little iffy on the whole subject.

I once saw an Eldar player play a game against a bunch of newbies where he
had a couple of the Eldar Scout Titans with battle honours. Not just one of
two, but about four! It was a once off game to introduce them to the game,
and this player "claimed" that the titans had been used in many games before
hand and had already earnt the experience and he wasn't going to not use
them without the experience. And of course the honours were the best ones
you could get. It was a reasonably large battle, 5000 points, but the scout
titans really swung the battle. They killed the opposing warhounds, the only
other titans very quickly, and then mopped up other units never really being
threatoned. I thought it was very unsporting as the guy didn't pay any extra
to make his titans a great deal better. And it wasn't a campaign, just a
once off that really put the other two players off epic. It turned out to be
an ego-boost for the eldar player and little more. It's abuses like this
that helped put me off the honours.

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