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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 10:03:50 +1000 (EST)

>kx.henderson_at_... writes:
>> >I'm a recent Games Workshop convert. Once I said I would never, ever,
>> >ever by or play GW stuff. Until a friend begged me to play blood bowl. I
>> >relented and played. Soon I found myself with my own edition of Blood
>> >Bowl, Deathzone, and a ton of BB minis. (And you know what? I love it!
>> >Heh, heh, heh.) I can't believe I denied myself the fun of GW games.
>> >Lately I delved into the world of Necromunda. Yet again, more fun

>> Yeah. These are the best games I think GW has produced as they don't even
>> begin to take themselves seriously, and so attract a different type of gamer
>> to them. 40K and Fantasy players tend to take the game far too seriously.

I have to agree that BB and Necro are two of the best games GW has produced.
We've had tons of fun from the Blood bowl game, and necro was fun while we
played it.

>I've always considered Warhammer Quest to be a fine game.
>Unfortunately (Fortunately?), it came with so many miniatures that
>I've still got the vast majority unpainted. (Thanks again to Aaron
>for painting the bats for me)

Warhammer quest is a fun game. I've seen heaps of the newbies and younger
players getting into the game, which can only be good. Unfortunatley they'll
probably sprout up to be WFB players. :-(

Sorry about the insult to the WFB players. ;-)

Even with all the negativity about GW that exists and I definitely feel,
there are still good points about them and they do produce some of the best
games around. It's mainly the business attitude that really annoys me. I'll
keep playing epic and blood bowl until my figures wear out.

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