Re: [Epic] IS THE GW home page DOWN????

From: Thomas Lee Denney <seether_at_...>
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 11:23:02 -0600

At 01:06 AM 3/22/97 -0600, you wrote:
>> > > Could someone tell me if the GW home page still work, thanks!
>> > >
>> > > Is this URL the good one??
>> >
>> > It doesn't work for me either. Being GW, maybe they're constructing a
>> > "brand new" site.
>> >
>> Undoubtably it will be so great that we won't mind paying for it.
>Their HTML writers are the same folks that write some of the rules.
>That means the pages were so full of holes, contradictions, and
>inconsistancies that they gave up and died.

I heard they were rewriting it because they didn't like the turn it had
taken. They wanted to erase the past history of it being a tyrant, so more
people would come visit it. Of course the new page will include an updated
form of the new PUSH technology so GW can better support it's hobbyists.
Although your old browser will be able to view the new page, with the new
Push technology you'll want to order the correct software directly from GW
so you can participate in GW sanctioned browsing. GW mail order is also
cutting us a deal on it (List price $105.89U.S.) order it now and when it
becomes available (still no release date yet, but planned for the year
2006) and you can get it for the list price and they'll ALSO throw in a 3
page brochure on how to install it. The mail troll thought it was a great
deal and said he ordered his yesterday. He also said he saw it being used
at a meeting last week and it looks great!
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